Dr. Greenlove Wholesale Store

Dr. Greenlove is a Dutch producer and distributor of certified, premium-grade CBD Products, high-quality Hemp Food, award-winning Cannabis Candy. Dr. Greenlove products are available in more than 20 countries across Europe and worldwide. These include our wonderfully delicious and unique Cannabis Ice Cream!
Founded in 1996 as Hemperium, (a brand name we still proudly carry), Dr. Greenlove produces prize-winning candy such as Cannabis Chocolate and Cannabis Lollipops. Both these products were first place winners at the HIGH Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Dr. Greenlove also produces  authentic CBD products, such as CBD Chewable Tablets and CBD Cannabis Bears, as part of a collection of products with CBD oil, extract and crystals that even includes CBD water, CBD limonade, CBD chocolate, CBD gummies and CBD lollipops. Moreover, Dr. Greenlove is home to the reputed health and wellness brand CBD Sativa.

Multiple award-winning hemp food producer Hemperium is the original creator of the Cannabis Lollipop. Besides winning several awards for this authentic cannabis candy treat, Hemperium also won several awards with its hemp chocolate and other candy . Besides this, Hemperium is well known for the delicious cannabis cookies, cannabis coffee and cannabis hot chocolate it introduced in the 1990s. With 25 years of experience and a solid reputation for quality and service to match, Dr. Greenlove is your ideal supplier of hemp food & drink, CBD products and cannabis candy. Visit our wholesale store!

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