Dr. Greenlove
Producing only the best food and beverages, made with high quality locally grown cannabis, Dr. Greenlove works with its own, EU-certified, local cannabis farmers to guarantee the purest and freshed products. Most of Dr. Greenlove’s products are farm-made at the locations where our crops are cultivated and processed.
Dr. Greenlove’s original products are sold in over 500 stores in Amsterdam, Europe and beyond.

Hemp history
Back in 1995, Chris and his friend Ed had an idea to bring Austrian pumpkin oil to Holland. Somehow Ed had found out that pumpkin-oil, although commonly used in Austria, was not available in the Netherlands.

In their search for pumpkin-oil, they found a family-business that also made “cold pressed hemp seed oil”. They processed this healthy, nutty-flavored oil in the same fashion their great grandparents did: Cold-pressed, with love and skill, and according to a well-guarded 120 year old tradition! – Chris & Ed couldn’t resist, and brought the hemp-seed oil with them to Holland.

After introducing hemp-seed oil to the Netherlands, Chris discovered another innovative hemp product. A company, working under the name Spirit of Hanf, produced a real hemp beer with 7% alcohol but no THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). Chris enthusiastically added this cannabis beer to his collection. The 1990’s were optimistic times for the European hemp industry. Legal (and even subsidized) hemp crops were being grown in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and England. With these new crops came newly developed products such as hemp foods, candy, body care products and cosmetics.

Around this time Ed decided he wanted to get more involved with his wine import, and so, after adopting the new name. Hemperium, Chris went on– full-time- with his hemp business.

In 1999 Hemperium proudly launged its first self-developed cannabis product; THE absolute original, Cannabis Lollipops , made with 100% genuine European cannabis oil. Receiving lots of compliments for his new creation, Chris decided to enter them for an award at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, held annually in Amsterdam. In November of  the same year, with our website finished just in time, the company presented its cannabis candy at the award show. It turned out a huge success and, to Chris’ surprise, Hemperium won the award for Best Hemp Product, spectacularly followed by another 1st prize at the Haarlem Hemp Awards a few weeks later.

The turn of the century brought more success for Hemperium when Chris introduced his new Cannabis Chocolate. “At the 14th High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001” Chris recalls, “I was standing behind my candy stand, selling my hemp candy and space cake, when I was suddenly called onstage!”. Chris’ cannabis products had won the award for Best Hemp Product – second year in a row!  This time for his fine Cannabis Chocolate!

In early 2010 Chris felt the time had come to take a step back and prepare himself for a seriously east-going life in a tropical country. A little while later Chris indeed traded the Netherlands for a secret spot in paradise, leaving his company in the capable hands of his long-trusted partners. After continuing under the name Hemperium for many more years, in 2014 the company changed its name to Dr. Greenlove and is now focused even more on the development and production of new hemp products. Our company has since expanded its catalog with many remarkable and exciting new cannabis originals.

With the launch of this new website, Dr Greenlove has solidified its standing as Europe’s essential cannabis food producer. Its pages are filled with delicious finds for health, wellness, food and fun!

Dr. Greenlove