Cannabis Passion Fruit Tea | Naturally rich in CBD

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Cannabis Passion Fruit Tea 

Discover the delicious taste of fruit and cannabis flowers with the herbal- and fruit infusions from Dr. Greenlove. These carefully selected blends Dr. Greenlove with natural ingredients and premium-grade hemp flowers (Cannabis sativa L.).

The cannabis in this herbal tea is locally produced and processed under EU regulations. After carefully harvesting the plants, the flowers are collected and dried under controlled conditions for two to three weeks. They are then sieved and hand-picked for the on-farm production of our high-grade tea specialties. This dedicated manual process guarantees the superb quality and delicious taste of Dr .Greenlove’s herbal hemp tea specialties.

The flowers and leaves have a deliciously smooth, herbal flavour. Moreover, this variety of cannabis has a high level of naturally occurring CBD (full-spectrum cannabidiol). Furthermore, this variety of cannabis has a high level of naturally occurring (full-spectrum) CBD. Dr. Greenlove skilfully crafts these flowers and leaves into surprising and tasty tea specialties by blending them with other natural ingredients such as sun-dried fruits and specially selected herbs. Every pack of loose-leaf Cannabis Passion Fruit Tea contains at least 50% pure, CBD-rich hemp.

Farm-Made – 100% Natural – No Pesticides – No GMO – EU Certified Hemp – Vegan

40 grams of loose-leaf tea

Hemp flowers and leaves, rooibos, passion fruit orange, flavour (EU certified hemp).

Simply put some Cannabis Passion Fruit Tea in a tea holder and use a cup and some freshly boiled water to infuse your drink for at least 3 minutes. Give the holder a little stir and finally a gentle tap to release the flavour before removing it from the cup.

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