Cannabis Lollipops Hemperium Original 8-pack

Hemperium’s Original Cannabis Lollipops

Cannabis Lollipops Hemperium Original 8-pack. Cannabis Lollipops from Hemperium are the original winners of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.

Back in 1999, Hemperium proudly launched its first self-developed cannabis product; THE original Cannabis Lollipops, made with 100% genuine cannabis oil and terpenes. They turned out a huge success and won the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for Best Product,  followed by another 1st prize at a local cannabis festival called the Haarlem Hemp Awards, a few weeks later. Now, almost 25 years after their introduction, these iconic sweets are still, if not more so, one of the world’s most popular cannabis treats.

Join us as we celebrate this landmark with the release of this exclusive anniversary edition in both Dr. Greenlove’s classic display boxes (70 lollipops) and the in the new 8-packs!

Cannabis Lollipops Hemperium Original 8-pack.
One bag contains eight lollipops of 18 grams.

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