Cannabis Lollipops Bubblegum x Purple Haze 8-pack

Cannabis Lollipops Bubblegum x Purple Haze, 8-pack

Dr. Greenlove original Cannabis Lollipops Bubblegum x Purple Haze 8-pack. Wonderfully delicious candy with cannabis oil and terpenes.

Together with award-winning cannabis candy maker, Hemperium, Dr. Greenlove produces quality cannabis lollipops with a wide range of exciting flavors. Hemperium entered the stage when their all-original Cannabis Lollipops won the first-ever product award at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Dr. Greenlove is very proud to work with this legendary producer and pioneer and bring you a whole new line of these cannabis classics. This, for example, is the Bubblegum x Purple Haze, one of the many flavours to the collection.

When you treat yourself to a tasty Dr. Greenlove cannabis pop, you know you are going to experiencing the real thing. This is because these cannabis lollipops are made with Dr. Greenlove’s premium-grade cannabis oil and authentic cannabis terpenes. Numerous variations in these aromatic compounds enhance the characteristics that give each sort of cannabis lollipop its unique, appetizing scent and flavor. Try them all!

Multiple award winner

Back in 1999, Hemperium proudly launched its first self-developed cannabis product; THE absolute original Cannabis Lollipops made with 100% genuine European cannabis oil.  The company’s founder, Chris received lots of compliments for his new creation. He decided therefore to enter them for an award at the High Times Cannabis Cup, held annually in Amsterdam. In November of that year, with the new website finished just in time, the company presented its cannabis candy at the award show. It turned out a huge success because, to Chris’ surprise, Hemperium won the award for Best Hemp Product, spectacularly followed by another 1st prize at the Haarlem Hemp Awards a few weeks later.

Cannabis Lollipops Bubblegum x Purple Haze
8-pack: One bag contains eight lollipops of 18 grams.

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